CHARM Cheerleading Championship 2007 Part 2~

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This is the Part 2 of CHARM Cheerleading Championship. Before this it was group cheerleading and now it’s cheerleading stunts. Each group must perform as much stunt skills as possible within 90 seconds. The more stunts performed, the more marks … Continued

Top 30 WordPress Plugins~

posted in: Wordpress Plugins | 7 had compiled a list of the top 30 WordPress plugins in blogosphere. The list is done by votes from 48 bloggers on their favorite plugins. The list is based on the Lists of favorite WordPress plugins, made by Lorelle … Continued

How to Speed Up Firefox~

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I wrote a post on how to reduce Mozilla Firefox memory usage sometime ago and now I found a few more tweaks that can make your Firefox go faster. You will need to edit the configurations in Firefox by typing … Continued


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It was a frustrating day yesterday. I was having my Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification 1 (CCNA 1) final test at 6pm, but there was no electricity since I woke up at 11am. Damn it, all my notes were in … Continued

Adsense Referrals Beta~

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Adsense is launching a new referral program called Adsense Referrals which is still under beta. The program is basically based on CPA (Cost Per Action) clicks which is totally different from normal CPC (Cost Per Click) ads. How CPA Works? … Continued