24 Season 5~

24, the most awaited tv series is finally back. Now with season 5!!! I’m so excited for this series as this is the most anticipated tv series of all time. I’ve been following this tv series since the 1st season. Every episode in a season covers the events of one hour in that day (hence twenty four episodes per season). The whole series is about stopping terrorists attacks in one whole day, which is 24 hours. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) acts as CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) field officer, which faked his death in the end of 4th season as he was wanted by the China Government and also wanted death by the President of US. And now in the 5th day, (its the 5th day because each season is 1 day in Jack’s life) he is wanted again of being set up for killing the former President of the United States (Ooops… spoilers!!). Here’s some info for the previous seasons.

I just finished watching the 1st 2 episodes of the 5th season. FOX tv had 4hours premiere of this series where 2 episodes on the night of 15th January and another 2 episodes on the 16th. My heart was pounding so fast while watching it as its so thrilling and the storyline was awesome! It have to be the best tv series ever! Now I’m waiting for the next 2 episodes and will be starting to download it tonight.

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