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Well, long time didn’t post here. Yesterday I had an exam in the evening. Did it quite badly as the question was out of what I scope for. Never mind then. After that, I straight away drive to the McDonald’s Drive Thru to buy myself a McChicken set and then set off to KL. Why did I go to KL again? Its because of my internship. On Monday morning I received a call asking me to go to the company for interview. I requested a short interview through the phone but the person who called me insist that I must go to the company for the interview. And so, driving alone to KL to my eldest sister’s house in Mutiara Damansara. Reached there around 10.30pm and then had a short talk with my sister.

After that I went to fetch up my friends in Kota Damansara and SS2 and then off to search for the company. The company is EDS (M) Sdn. Bhd located in Damansara Jaya. Its quite easy to find it actually as I always hang out there when my gf was studying in KDU. After that we had supper in SS2 with a few more friends together and chit chatting until around 2am when I reached back to my sister’s house.

This morning I woke up at 9am and start preparing. Went to the office around 10.45am after I parked my car in Atria. I was given a application form to fill in and then just waiting for my interview. After that, the person who called me previously came up to me and asked why I was there today as she claimed that she told me to be there on Thursday morning. Strange… I’ve checked the paper I wrote on to when she called me and I written there Wednesday 11am. Hmm… Maybe I heard it wrongly then. Luckily the manager was there and he interviewed me after that. He was busy that time and the interview went short. Asked about things that I’m familiar with or not, programming stuffs, networking and a lot of stuffs. He left after that and asked another guy in to talk to me.The manager was expecting me to be able to handle a project on my own but I think I need more guidance and experience in this. The other guy told me that the possibility for them to hire me as an intern is quite high as I’m just doing practical training there. So they asked me to wait around a week for their confirmation. Sigh… have to wait again.. Really hope I can get it.

I went back to my sister’s place after that and spent the whole afternoon watching tv.. lol.. I can’t go back at that time because I need to wait my sister to come back after work to return her the house keys. So ended up driving back here late around 7pm and reached here around 10pm. Its quite fast man… I think I was speeding all the way as it was really boring and tiring driving alone at night.

Damn it~ The petrol price raised again on Monday night for 30 cents per liter! How am I going to survive after that? 1 full tank of petrol might cost more than RM70 after this.. sigh.. I went to the petrol station to fill up before the price raise up and look… So crowded! The news never announce about it but everyone seems to know about it! lol

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