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Boring Days~

Omg.. I’m actually wasting my time everyday sitting here online in the office. I’ve done my analysis report and now I got nothing to do yet. The whole team is rushing on the software programming and I need to wait them finish the whole thing and do some software testing. So I’m just sitting here waiting time to past. Oh god, another 8 hours to sit here until finish work.. zzz.

I successfully installed Mac OSX on my pc.. woOHoo! Since Apple is using Intel processors on Mac, people are installing OSX on normal PCs. Of course the installation need some crack to do it there is still a lot to do to intergrate the drivers of the hardware into OSX. But the problem is, my whole mp3 drive just disappeared! I’m sure that the drive was already missing before I started to install it. Damn! 15GB of songs just gone with the wind~ I just can’t figure out why the drive just got deleted just like that.. sigh… Its kind of fun having a Mac OSX running on my pc. The interface is much nicer than XP for sure.. hehe~

Ok time for some photos. The baby in the house is sleeping like shinchan everyday.
Cute right? I wonder does she feel tired sleeping like that.

This photo was taken quite a few days before the photo above. Baby’s face just changing everyday huh?

Last Thursday, Loon and I went to 1U to have a Japanese dinner. He treated me for the whole dinner with this as well.
Oh ya.. sake.. This is the first time I get to drink such thing. It is served warm. Nice though.. ok.. back to dreaming in the office now.

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