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Wow.. seems that i’ve stopped blogging since almost a week ago. So let’s recap on what I was busy with so far that stopped me from blogging. Well, I had an exam on microcontroller last Wednesday. The test was quite easy but I’ve forgotten some terms and definations so can’t really answer well on those definations questions. But overall I think I did it quite ok.

Next week is gonna be a real busy week ahead. On Monday, I need to pass up my microcontroller project’s folio. Must finish it by this few days. I need to pass up my Etech assignment folio as well on Monday. And my partners and I need to present the presentation for the assignment. Phew~ Tuesday, I have an exam on Electronic Communications. Wednesday, I’ll be having 2 exams straight for the subject Digital Communications. Thursday, my partners and I need to present our Microcontroller project to our lecturer. This project is really like our Final year project as we need to make hardware, programming, and folios, presentations.. going nuts already.. And on Thursday as well, I need to pass up the Maple assignments for the subject Numerial Methods. I haven’t got a partner for this assignment yet also.. damn it.. Don’t know how am I gonna finish this assignment by my own. After these busy days, finally its study week which I’ll be having a week of holiday for us to study for FINAL EXAMS.. zzz… busy busy and busy… I need to pass up the VLSI assignment in that week also. OMG.. I’m really going nuts already~!

Yesterday my housemate’s gf asked me, why did I chose this course. She said I should be in Computer Science since I’m really interested in Computers. Hmm.. I don’t know actually. She might be correct about it but I’ve got this course to study in UTM. Too late for me to change my mind now.. haha.. What to do now? Try my best to finish my studies here with good results… my results sucks~ lol.. Time to sleep now.. Have to finish troubleshoot my hardware assign tomorrow and finish all the folios asap!

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