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Canon Pixma iP1600~

As my printer was broken last time, I decided to buy a new printer for my final year projects printings. I need to print my Industrial Training reports as well. So I went to the PC shop and bought this… Canon Pixma iP1600 at the price of RM158. Cheap? I don’t really know the price actually.
A view of the whole package..
Opening it..
The best thing of this printer is that the printer head is attached to the ink catridge which is totally different comparing to the old Canon printers. The printer head is always been the main problem for most Canon printers as it is easily cloaked or spoilt and the cost of changing it is almost the same as getting a new printer~! So with this, you can just change the catridge if the printer head is spoilt. I was searching for HP printers before this because of this feature but I bought this printer instead since it has this feature as well.
After installing the ink catridge and the drivers in my pc, the printer is up and running! Yippie~ now I can print my assignments without asking for my housemates’ help anymore!

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