How Much Have You Earn from PPP?

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It’s time for some money making review posts again~! How much have you earn from PayPerPost so far? Hundreds, thousands? For me, I’ve only written 11 sponsored posts from PPP, and my earnings were only $90 USD. This post would … Continued

Evil Money Maker – John Chow~

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Do you want to make some money from your blog? If you really want to know where to get the best content of making money online from a blog, try visiting John Chow’s blog. Why? Because he is one of … Continued

Review My Posts~

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This might be an old news but PayPerPost had added a new feature, which is the Review My Post program. The Program pays you every time someone signs up PayPerPost and reviews a post on your blog. All you need … Continued Launches~

posted in: Reviews | 1 is an online multiplayer casual games platform for free games, a gold coin economy and a personalized 3D avatar application. Currently, is launched in beta state, with all kinds of online multiplayer games available. is the first … Continued

PayPerPost Big Money Opportunities~

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PayPerPost had made it again. Now they offering higher paying opportunities for bloggers to earn money from. The highest paying opportunity is up to $1000 so far! What does this mean? It means that you could earn $1000 for a … Continued

Free Funny eCards~

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Looking for some funny eCards to send to your friends and family? provides all sorts of eCards including funny birthday eCards, Valentine eCards and other occasions. All eCards on the site can be personalized with a message and pictures, … Continued

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