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DanceJam Now Open Beta~

headerasset.pngEver tired of watching YouTube? DanceJam is a bit different from YouTube where it is only for dance videos. DanceJam is now launched into open beta after several months of private testing.

Here, you get to watch dance battles where users dance off against each other, and you can cast your vote for the best dance videos. I watched a few of the dance battles, some of the dance moves are really awesome! But there were some who are competing with different standards though  :lol: DanceJam also offers general dance videos, including locally uploaded content and videos from external sites such YouTube.

DanceJam was founded by M.C. Hammer (Can’t touch this! That was like.. err.. a decade ago? ), and Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young from Flock. Get over and watch the videos, maybe you can learn some dance moves!  😛

Here’s a video that I find the moves quite entertaining.

Watch it here.


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