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Embed Image from Sites Without Hotlinking~

Hotlinking an image from another blog or site is considered stealing bandwidth from them. But how many times have you done that? How many times have you tried to download the image that you want to show up in your blog and upload it to your hosting server again? That’s troublesome isn’t it?

The typical work-around is to do the following:

  • Save the image to your hard drive
  • Navigate to a free image-hosting website
  • Enter the path to the image on your hard drive
  • Wait for it to upload
  • Copy the new URL and paste it into your message-board or blog post

imgred provided a solution that lets you simply enter the original URL in your post with written before the URL. When this is viewed, the image will be copied once to, and from then on the image will always be served from instead of the host site. Additionally, a thumbnail is automatically generated, which can be accessed by adding before the original URL. Great job~

My Opinion

Eventhough we are not hotlinking the image from the original site, we are still hotlinking from imgred isn’t it? So are we stealing bandwidth from imgred? 😕

Credits to: Lifehacker

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