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Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

Watched this cg movie yesterday.. since my housemate n coursemate asked me to watch… n damn! the graphics was so nice man… i watched the downloaded version… not dvd version i guess.. but still the graphics can really make ur mouth open wide whole time.. the story line has something related to the game which is quite a long time d… reminds me of my form 3 or form 4 time.. when i played it on my pc with ps emulator.. can’t really remember all those characters… but i’m quite happy to watch this movie… never regret to use my lunch time watching the whole movie with my maggi tom yam noodles.. hehehe…

Cloud Strife… the main character of the game n this movie.. handsome huh?? LOL…. c those hairs.. i really duno how those japanese can come out something like this… really nice graphics…

riding the frigger( This is the motorcycle that he was riding) which carried lots of swords. That’s really cool man!!! I think lots of people will buy new motorcycle after watching this movie. 😛

fighting with the bad guy… haven’t changed to Sephiroth.. i recalled that the sword is something like gunblade… erm.. a blade combined with a gun that can shoot like real gun from the sword. But I didn’t see it in the movie.. or is it FFVIII?? I think I’ll download the dvd version soon since I really like this movie a lot!

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