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Final Year Project Presentation

Tomorrow will be my first presentation for my final year project. Actually its just a small presentation on what my project is all about and some technical details about it. My title? Embedded TCP/IP. The more I read about this topic, the more confused I become actually.. lol.. What I need to do is design a hardware which can connect to the Internet by itself without connecting it to a PC or anything. Its called a standalone Embedded Ethernet. These hardware can hardwired into other appliances to enable internet connection to the device. Sounds complicated huh?

More to come.. I need to get my hardwares to work, program some software, making a HTTP web server for the embedded hardware, and lots more.. OMG.. This is getting tougher and tougher. But now I have to make sure my presentation tomorrow done well.


A view of my presentation slides.. hehe.. Found this template at microsoft websites. Hopefully I can get some marks for nice presentation slides? LoL.. Wish me luck~! This post is posted using Windows Live Writer. My first time of successfully using this software after hours of trial and errors. I’ll post a solution on using this software tomorrow.

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  • Jason Drohn

    Hey, I am petty interested in this project. You will have to let me know how it turns out. Fill me in on the details when you get a chance. What will you be using the embedded ethernet for? In your post, it says so that other hardware may remain connected to the internet, I was just wondering!

    Also check back to the feedcounter post on JohnTP’s blog and read my comment. I defended you :0)

    Great site by the way. I will be around often, I am sure!

  • ..::::~||DaReDeviL||~::::..

    Wow.. thanks for backing me up.. lol..

    for the embedded ethernet, actually I’m thinking of adding some sensors to it like heat sensors or movement sensors.. etc.. for now its a standalone embedded ethernet development board.. if the sensors is added, then the board will provide services like movement detectors or something else. Not really there yet~

  • chia

    do amtel provide tcp/ip stack? u’re under mice ah? if u need a softcopy of a senior who did the embedded webserver using pic and enc chip, email me. =)

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