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Final Year Project Hardware~

I just came back from class and the postman’s van stopped outside my front gate. Oh yeah! My board finally arrived.


Inside the box…


Inside the envelope…



This is the EDTP Packet Whacker ordered from EDTP. Actually I asked my sister to order it for me since I don’t have credit card to buy it. Since she’s in the U.S. the postage fees is much cheaper. The reason of getting this board is because of the ethernet controller chip’s pin is too tiny to be soldered by hand. There’s no facility in the University to solder it so my lecturer asked me to get this instead. After all, I can claim back the money of buying this board from the Faculty.

I guess now its time for me to start my hardware project by getting the ATMEL microcontroller first. This is going to be real hard… By the way, thanks a lot sis~!

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