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FSM assignment.. n steamboat!

hmm.. i’m doing an assignment now.. due date is this thursday.. so i need to finish it asap.. its about finite state machine.. something in digital system la.. have to design something from this FSM.. so i decided to design a vending machine since there’s some guide in the notes.. but then.. have to do it all by myself… lazy ler.. since only got one coursemate is my partner for this assign.. n can’t contact him always 1.. i think i’ll be doing it on my own i guess.. still searching for infos through the internet now…

let’s talk about the day here.. went to JB with my gf today in the afternoon.. walk around City Square… and she bought herself a long skirt.. after that we came back home to have a nap.. duno y so tired whenever we go out for shopping in JB.. mayb because of the traffic jams? lol.. and so as i thought we were going for steamboat dinner with my housemates.. and then i saw the msg from my housemate.. saying that they aren’t free because they have exams tomorrow.. fine then.. only both of us went for the steamboat dinner in Tmn Tun Aminah in the end.. lol.. this steamboat can consider as the cheapest buffet steamboat i’ve ever eaten. Why? Because both of us only paid RM15.80 each to eat everything. There are lots of variety of food.. fishballs.. chicken meat.. prawns.. squids.. veges.. a lot more if u compare it to the “telephone restaurant” in Kelana Jaya.. and most of all.. the drinks are FREE!.. i like that.. both of us took a few rounds of food.. ended up with more than 10 plates of food.. few glasses of soft drinks.. and also few cups of ice cream… ate from 8.30pm until 11pm i think.. n our tummy is full to the max!~ haha.. i’m still full eventhough now is 4.20am.. its nice to eat steamboat with my gf… love it actually.. especially when we had it in Cameron Highlands.. I’m sure I’ll go there to have a steamboat dinner with my gf after my finals.. miss Cameron Highlands a lot.. duno y… ok.. back to assignments.. nitenite..

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