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Introducing the new Google’s Nexus One. Google just announced their own “super” phone powered by Android 2.1 on the 5th of January and it’s been a big hype around this new phone. Why? Google had been distributing this phone “secretly” for Google employees since last Christmas and the photos and specifications had been leaked all over the internet, causing the big hype.

nexus one

So what’s so special about this phone? Most people are comparing this phone with the Apple iPhone. Manufactured by HTC, the phone is slim with only 11.5 mm deep, the screen is bigger, a 3.7 inch 480 x 800 OLED capacitive touchscreen (oo lala!~), powered by Snapdragon 1GHz core processor, 512 MB of of RAM and an expandable 4-GB microSD card, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and 720×480 video capture @ 20FPS, dual microphones for noise canceling and a trackball. The Nexus one is running on Android 2.1, which provides quite a few new features including nicer interface, speech-to-text, car-home GPS and a lot more.

I’m not going to write any reviews here, since there are tons of review online today. You may refer to the reviews below for more information about this phone though.

Nexusone, Engadget, Techcrunch, Gizmodo

nexus one

Price? The phone is selling at $530 USD without contract and it’s currently only available in the States, Hong Kong and Singapore. You may log on to the Google Phone page to have a view on the phone but it will show that “the phone is not available in your country” :(. We might need to wait for some time until it is available in Malaysia. But I’m sure there will be a lot of people gonna get it from Singapore and sell it here :).

So what do you think about this phone? I’m still considering whether to wait for it or go for iPhone 3Gs though. 😛

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