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Holiday Mode~

Starting from today, this blog will be in holiday mode. Why? Because I am having my mid term break starting from today, for one week. Then, I’ll be having another one week of Chinese New Year holiday. Yippie!~ This is what people started working can’t get, lots of holidays.

I won’t be going anywhere this coming Chinese New Year. In Chinese traditions, it is said that if one of your close relative past away less than one year ago during Chinese New Year, you are not allowed to visit other relatives. My grandfather past away less than a year ago that’s why this year I’m not going to Bidor to visit my grandma. How I miss my grandma! It is ok then, we the whole family should have a rest at home instead.

Actually the main problem that I cannot continue blogging is that I don’t have internet access at home. I’ll be in KL for a few days first then head back to Teluk Intan. The only internet access that I have at home is dial-up internet which is so slow. Hopefully I can blog something about Chinese New Year using that slow connection at home. In the mean time, there won’t be any post on this blog.

Enough said, Happy Holiday everyone!

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