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How Fast Can You Type?~

I came across a flash game named Fingerjig while browsing through some forum. It is basically a typing game created by a web designer named Jonathan Miles, where you can test out how fast you can type. During the game, you will be shown 1 word at a time where you need to type correctly to proceed to the next word. Of course, in order to get high scores, you need to type fast, and make as little mistakes as possible in the time provided.


 At first, I was forcing myself to type as fast as possible, despite all the mistakes that I made. But after a few practises, I find that typing fast and accurately that will get you higher scores. At first it was around 300k+ of points, and guess how much I managed to get in the end?


Yup! 749,383 points in the end. WooHoo!~ Forgive me for my nonsense  :lol: After submitting my score, this is what it shows in the game…


Oh yeah! I scored higher than 80% of other players! But wait… The highest scorer scored almost 4 million points.. What the…  :shock: Ok, I give up  :lol: 

You can try playing the game here and let me know how much score u managed to score ya~

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