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Kim’s Birthday~

Yesterday was my friend Kim’s birthday. So few of us went to Wong Kok in SS2 to celebrate his birthday there. I went to fetch him after work around 6 something since he’s at Uptown there only. Then we waited for the others at my friend’s house at SS2 and went for the dinner there.

Wong Kok have a promotion which is anyone who had birthday on the day you have meal there will get a free drink. Which is a really big free drink.. haha.. and must have at least 6 people in total.
Really large drink. 6 of us all had 2 glasses of that drink, which is “yin yeong”.

The other 2 gals…

Work is still as usual. I’m doing research on RFID and still gathering some resource on it. Next Wedsnesday I’ll need to make a presentation to the team on what I know about RFID. Then after that, I’ll need to do analysis on the hardware and then present the analysis I made. Phew~ Who said training was easy then?? haha…

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