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Marriage Registration~

Today is a big day for my 3rd sis.. its her marriage registration day~ haha~ all of us woke up around 7 something in the morning and then went out to have our breakfast. Then after that we reached Tian Hou Kong around 9am.

Me and my sis~

Don’t ask me why have to register there cos my sis said that’s the only place can register.. strange~ There’s a registration office at the ground floor there so all of us gathered there.

Waited for half an hour then its our turn then.

Only in a few minutes, signing all the papers and so on and then they are considered married~! So easy huh? haha..

After that we guys went to Mid Valley Megamall for window shopping as we have to wait until 1pm for our lunch at some restaurant my brother-in-law booked. Seems like the Christmas decoration here is really nice! At least I felt the Christmas spirit around here.. haha..

After our lunch we went back to my eldest sis house. I only get to nap a while then my father woke me up. We have to rush back to Teluk Intan again cos my grandpa is not well where my relative fetched him to the hospital. I’m so tired rushing here and there this 2 days. Came back Teluk Intan around 9pm and found out that my grandpa is all right after all. Only high blood pressure. He just wana get everyone’s attention after all. sigh… I’m tired.. wana sleep d..

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