My Adsense October Earnings~

This is my first time posting my earnings on Adsense, or should I say its my highest earnings for a month so far? Haha!


Last month had 3048 page impressions which received 61 clicks (only.. sob sob). The total earnings including Adsense for search is $9.61. Although its such a small amount but I quite happy with the progress. The rectangular ads under each single post received the highest clicks of all which it did help a lot. This shows that the ads under a post attracts more attention from visitors. Why didn’t I try it before this? Sigh.. I really hope I can get my Adsense cheque as soon as possible. My first one though.. I haven’t receive a single cheque from Adsense after blogging for more than 1 year. Big failure I guess..

An engineer which have a lot of interests in gadgets and technology stuffs. The blog varies from life events to gadgets reviews and hacks.


  • ShaolinTiger

    Actually you can show the earnings, but not CTR or eCPM or any averages, you should pixelate those out.

    You can show daily and monthly earning.

    So pixelate middle 3 columns in above pic should be fine, leave impressions and earnings.

  • fat4

    frankly, nobody knows what exactly google TOS mean. So to be on the safe side, i really do advice you to remove the earnings just in case. You see all these other bloggers, if they show a photo of a cheque, they will try to blank out the amount. google has been known to be harsh on bloggers, so every tiny things you do, they can easily deem as violation of TOS. cheers.

  • ..::::~||DaReDeviL||~::::..

    [quote post=”410″]ppl click it on mistake la…tot is ur blog …i click it once also -.-[/quote]
    I think most readers know that its advertisements la… they click because the link is related to something they wana search…

  • cybersix

    Wow…keep up the good work…
    My current daily earning today from my blog around $4.50…Right now want to run multiple blog to see whether my earning will increase or not…

    I got 85 exclusive niche sites for only $7.00, if you want you can visit my blog..And maybe you get cheaper price.. 😀

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