My Car~

Remember that someone just hit my car last month? Till now I still can’t figure out how it happened. Never mind then. I brought my car to fix last friday. The foreman is my far relative which I just knew it after my mom told me so. When I reached his shop, he kept on telling me how much is the price of fixing it. And just after I told him, “Okok.. You give the bill to my dad la.. I’m Ah Chia’s son~” He just looked at me in shock and said,” Haiyo why din u tell me earlier? Now easier to do la everything. Sure got discount for you one don’t worry!”.. 😆 And so he fixed it in the afternoon and send it to another guy to respray the fixed spot. I got back the car on the next day. The spot is circled in the photo.

Sorry I forgot to take the previous photo of it but from the photo it just seems like normal right? The other guy that respray the car even painted my bumper lower kit haha~! Its in black color before this and now my whole bumper is the same color already! Looks really nice ler.. Don’t know how much it’ll cost for the whole repair but the relative promised me he’ll give discount to my dad wor.. haha… Now that’s a good advantage of repairing my car in my hometown.. they know my dad so the bills will go to him with discounts~ haha~!

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