My First Google Adsense Check~

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As I was congratulating Cely for her first Google Adsense Check on her blog, my housemate came into my room and handed me a letter from New York. Yippie! It’s my first Google Adsense Check! Finally, it arrived after waiting for months for it!


The amount is only $131.11 but it feels great! Finally something to award myself with this blog~


It is raining season lately and my postbox was wet. This causes the letter to be wet and the check is a little bit crumpled. I guess it is still ok as only a small part of the check was wet. Now who wanna let me know what is the procedures of banking in an international check? 😈

  • congrats! the procedure is same as other local cheque: fill in the cheque bank-in form and drop it into cheque deposit machine/box.

  • GadgetMan

    You need to bank it in to the bank account that you open your account in. I have done a few. It takes about 1 month to get your money. There are some admin charges that will be deducted

  • thanks for the instructions guys.. just wondering, do I need to cut out the check? Now it’s like whole piece of A4 paper.. sorry for my noobness… πŸ˜‰

  • congrat’s to you.

  • Yeah you do…just tear out the part where the cheque is. You can keep the other part for your records. And oh, congrats on your first Google cheque! πŸ™‚

    – MENJ

  • Conglatulation !!!!!Next time will more than that.

  • Thanks everyone!!!

  • congrats…nice job

  • congrats to u meng hua.. keke i just got mine last month too.. will post mine up later after i got it scanned πŸ˜› till now still haven’t clear the cheque.. veli slow laa malaysian bank πŸ™

  • I still haven’t bank in the check yet. Still figuring what bank to bank in though.. should be using CIMB but duno need go back to home back or not. Will see then. Malaysia Boleh ma… sure have to wait a while to get it.. haha

  • wow congrat man….I hope I will get mine soon too πŸ˜› By the way, do you have to request it or its auto paid ❓

  • Adsense will sent you the cheque once you hit $100 πŸ˜€ unless u want to hold your cheque till certain amount lorr

  • Congrats man waiting for mine too

  • Hey man, congrats on your first adsense check. Hopefully I will be getting mine soon. Make sure to keep us updated with your monthly earnings!

  • ..great ..saya pun nak tunggu check yang pertama .now i’ve got $70…30 more to go..haha

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