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Ninja IM – Be an Office Ninja~

ninja imAre you prohibited from using Msn Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or any instant messenger in your office? Ninja IM offers you an alternative to IM your friends in the office even without installing any instant messenger in your computer.

Basically this is a web based Instant Messenger where you can chat with your friends in a browser. The best and creative part is that they created a “ninja mode” that once you click on the button, your browser view changed into Microsoft Words new document screen. Imagine your boss passing by and saw you are typing a new document instead of chatting.. 😆 Funny huh?

ninja im

By clicking the “ninja mode” button, your browser view will change from the view above to as below..

ninja im

A Microsoft Word in your browser! Mind you that it’s just a screenshot that won’t work ok? 😛

The idea is creative though, but I really doubt the popularity of such IM. I don’t think many people will use it because it is not MSN or Yahoo! based and you have to ask your friend to join this site in order to chat with each other. But still, you can have a try at Ninja IM site.

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