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Wow.. no new posts for a week! Ok I’m just being lazy and of cause.. its because I don’t have the internet connection at home. TMnet dialup SUCKS k? Last Wednesday the sales manager from OMRON came over to my company for a hardware demonstration. We are looking for a better readability antenna and reader for the development of the RFID project.

This is the antenna. Its much larger compared to the old one they guys bought last time. Its function is to send signal to the tags and receive signal from tags.

This is the reader/writer. The antenna is connected to it and then to a pc. This reader/writer can read the signals received from the antenna as well as writing info into the tag through the antenna.

So this is the whole system of RFID.. haha..

How it works? Inside the briefcase there are some cassettes which are being tagged. So we need to test how many cassettes can the antenna detect eventhough the cassettes are all inside the briefcase. The best part of RFID.. it can detect tags through objects, which is not in line-of-sight.

demo… A CF card reader compatible with PDA. This will be a handheld to read tags. The tags are actually just like a piece of paper.

Works are just as normal lately. I need to search for the specs for all these hardwares and then make a comparison between the hardwares from 2 companies. My presentation had been rescheduled twice so far, because they were busy with their programming thingy and I haven’t got my specifications from the company. Hopefully I did it well.. heheh..

And guess what.. I saw this Porsche GT3 in front of the office yesterday. Damn its gorgeous man! And it parked at our company’s private parking space. So I’ll assume its our boss’s car? My god… so rich.. when am I gonna have a car like this?? Dreaming.. zzz

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  • syamim

    i’m syamim doing fyp about RFID too..just wanna know the price for the whole system include the CF card reader for PDA…did they let u know how much is will be great if u share it with me 😀 😀

    [email protected]

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