Paid from 12dailyPro~

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Great! Now at least I got something to cheer up with after having a hard exam just now. Oh yeah, 12dailypro just paid me this morning with $99.30. I still have $492 pending for payment which suppose to get it by tomorrow morning but since tomorrow is Sunday I think I’ll only get paid on Monday instead. They only pay on business days which not including Saturday and Sunday. The only thing is.. I only get $593 in the end and not $600. šŸ˜† I miscalculated the profits after all.

  • sassuka


    how do you cash it out ? wire transfer to local banks ? im newbie in 12dp.


  • 12dailypro only deal with egold or stormpay. So every payout is to egold or stormpay depends on which processor u used to upgrade with. so u can either sell off ur egold to others with the rate u guys agree with.