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finally.. both my account in Studiotraffic paid me.. a total of $285 i think… so i’ve transfered the funds all to my egold account.. still pending duh… well my plan is like this… since i still not in need of money i won’t request for the cheque.. but then i’ll transfer all the funds to egold… then reinvest into 12daily… at the end of the month.. when i got my payment from 12daily… which is around $390 i think… i’ll invest the funds into ST again.. so how’s tat? yes its risky cos 12daily might not pay me.. but then i’ll be getting the same ammount from ST next month.. so y not just risk it a bit.. wish me luck then.. haha.. supposely i’ll be getting $350+ next month from ST if my plan succeed..

cough like shit last nite… can’t even sleep until 4 or 5am.. duno y… is it too much dust in my room??? just cleaned it last few days… will clean again after class later… adiyos…

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  • Credo

    Hey ya there.. I join studiotraffic too. But i’ve never invested anything yet in ST. Just surfing with the Surf STV. At first I’m a bit worried about scam. Now I already upgrade my account just by what I got from surfing for a long time. Might want to upgrade too by my own money.. But don’t know when,hehehe.. It seems promising eh, with ST?

  • ^||DaReDeviL||^

    well.. just upgrade any ammount that ur comfortable with.. so far there’s no any miss payment.. so i guess its gona b around for quite a long time since we in the sales team are promoting ST everyday to get more ppl to join in n to make profits from it~! good luck then~

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