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Pest Control at Home~

Seriously, I think I done a lot of sins today. Well, my house is having some pest problems where we got a lot of ants around the house. That really made me going nuts about it because no matter how I sweep the floor, the ants keep coming in day by day. So this evening I went around the backyard to find the source of the ants. Guess what, rather than finding the “hive” of the ants, I found lots of worms that are caterpillars lookalike on the ground! That really made me sick… So disgusting! All of those worms were twisting their bodies on the ground.. YIKES!!!



Imagine the whole backyard is full with caterpillars twisting and moving around. I don’t even dare to step on the ground after I saw those fellas. I tried using the mosquito spray to spray those caterpillars but that did not hurt them at all I think. Then I asked my dad for help. He handed me this…


So I used it to spilt those caterpillars into half, or more parts… (That’s really sick…) I don’t know did I killed them or not but its the only way to destroy them I think. After that, my dad handed me this…


Dad asked me to spray the toxic to the grass to kill everything. I can imagine what my backyard will look like a few days later. It would turn from green into brown all the way.


After dealing with the worms, I continue on my ant searching mission. Finally I found one of the “hive” (bee’s home is bee hive so ant’s home is ant hive?) on the roof of the porch. Quickly, I used the mosquito spray and spray into the roof.


Thousands of ants just drop from the roof. I just don’t know why these ants just like to live in such places. I was doing the same thing back then when my house was having the ant problem. So? Mission accomplished. I will need to find another hive again tomorrow as there are still a lot of ants in the house coming in from another side of the house. Hopefully I don’t need to kill those worms again tomorrow. 😛

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