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Retrieving Data From Harddisk~

Did you ever accidently deleted some important files or even formatted your hdd? This happened to me last week when I installed Mac OSX86 on my pc. My 30GB mp3 drive just gone missing! A total of 18GB of mp3s just got deleted.. Sob sob.. Because of this, I kept on searching for solutions to retrieve all those datas. Finally, I found this… Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional which includes DataRecovery and AdvancedRecovery.

Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional provides solution for retrieving data which are being deleted or even from a formatted harddrive. It can also recovers data from RAW Format as well. To search for the deleted file you wish to recover from, just key in the filename and search for it. In my case, I just made a full search on the deleted drive and all my mp3s are listed out immediately! Took me around 45 minutes to finish the recovering process of recovering 18GB of files.

Conclusion? The files recovered are actually the same as before! I tested some of the mp3s and the bitrate for the songs are still the same~ Thank god! These are the songs I’ve been keeping since erm.. Form 3? Haha~ Now I can listen some of the songs in my Mac OSX86~ Yippie! Great and recommended software for recovering lost datas!

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