Thanks 12Dailypro!

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Just when I thought that the payment will arrive on Monday, I got paid this morning! Woke up and was trying my luck to see whether I got paid or not, I logged in to 12dailypro website and saw that my payment was processed! Yippie! This time its a total of $492. Yeah time to start buying those things in my wishlist then. But before that I need to sell off those money in my Egold first. I’m trying to sell $550 at the rate of 4.0. Really hope that I can sell if off as soon as possible. Anyone want some egold? Lelong lelong!!

  • Oh my god, I haven’t received my fund from sp to egold…damn slow 😡

  • Don’t worry dude~ i think they will pay u very soon.. or else just upgrade back ur earnings lo.. :thumbup:

  • It totally spoilt my plan :x, I want to use this money to upgrade 12DP account…damn slow… 😡

    You blog about online investments can earn so much in google adsense… :thumbup:, I think I gonna do this too. 😆

  • JesseLooi

    i m interested in buying egold..
    can u email me some info to

  • jesse.. just add me in ur yahoo YM. Sorry.. egold is now sold out. Mayb ask me earlier next time k. thanks! 🙂