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The “Wow” Starts Now?~

If you think Microsoft did a great job on their new Windows Vista, think again…


They were just a little bit, too late I suppose? This is an advertisement from Apple, just to tackle Microsoft’s Windows Vista. These people are certainly creative minded don’t you think?

Source: tech-buzz, Jdsblog

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  • IndoDX

    If we lok that , Apple beat Microsoft again. Like Steve Jobs say, in 2007 they will announcement new OS, yes LEOPARD, and the Leopard will eat VISTA 🙂

  • menghua

    yeah, Leopard will be released this year… Don’t know how it will look like but I’m sure the features will be more than Vista.. 😛 However, 70% of computer users uses Windows. That is a fact~

  • IndoDX

    Yes you right 70% of computer users uses windows for this time 😀 and I still use windows too but in this 2007 I will got Mac 😉 just give me pray for that 🙂

  • Jason Drohn

    It will be interesting to see how many people shift over to a Mac during this upgrade. I have played with Vista a bit in a virtual machine, but was unimpressed. I have thought about getting a Mac just to test it out. I hear the benefits of their software is fantastic when you get into blogging and writing and images.

    Thanks for the link back by the way! :0)

  • menghua

    Wow.. seems to me everyone is getting Mac rather than getting windows huh? I had OSX installed in my pc (not really that legal i think.. just for studies purpose.) and it really works great! The real Mac would be much better i think.. 😉

  • menghua

    VMware was one of the solutions in those days. Now those enthusiasists used a cracked version that can be installed on a PC natively since Mac uses Intel’s processors. Check out this site and you will know what I’m talking about. I’m not responsible for anything on the site ya.. hehe…

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