My Blog Officially Launched!!!

LOL… this is wat i wana say long time ago.. yeah.. my own site.. my own webhosting.. ( not mine la.. but its free ).. hav been editing n learning about wordpress the whole day.. shouldn’t waste my time on this anymore cos i hav lots of test coming up.. the only thing that i’m sure is that this site will be better n nicer soon… i just need to get hold of this wordpress thingy.. n now i had a problem.. comments on the posts just can’t work.. i duno y.. mayb u hav to register to comment? but then even me can’t comment.. must be something wrong with the script huh… we’ll c then.. plz comment at the shoutbox temporarily then.. lol.. yeah!! My site LAUNCHED!

An engineer which have a lot of interests in gadgets and technology stuffs. The blog varies from life events to gadgets reviews and hacks.


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