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A Long Journey~

Woke up today at 10am then start packing my stuff into my car. After a short bath, I said goodbye to my housemate and left my house for home. Went to Tmn U to buy reload card 1st then started my journey back to my hometown. Quite tiring actually cos I slept at 6 or 7am? I duno… Bad things happened last nite.

And so I was alone on the long journey back home. Nothing to do so along the way took some photo with my newly bought phone. A photo taken from my steering view.
steering view
The sky is cloudy but who said it’ll rain?? Its so damn hot for the whole day. I had to switch on my air con to high to cool me down. Around 2hours later I stopped at the Air Keroh bridge rest area, bought this
Red Bull
Remember to drink Redbull whenever u feel tired on the road k. It works like miracle. Just a tin of it can make u awake for the whole time. And this is my lunch. A Tao Sha Pao.. 😆
Don’t feel like eating food along the journey so I just bought a Tao Sha Pao to eat instead.

Finally I reached Teluk Intan around 5.30pm. Safe journey huh?

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