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A night at Redbox~

Last Thursday my friends and I went to Redbox Karaoke in Sg Wang. A total of 11 of us went for karaoke and guess what, we only pay for the snacks because we had the free head fees vouchers. Other than that, we get to have our buffet dinner, beers, and even a bottle of Chivas from the DotRed card points~ Don’t ask me how we got so much points k~

Guys reunion???

The gals~

Yam Seng~!!! Beer time! Even Keat and Yin came all the way from Melaka to have fun with us as this was the first time we gather together to have a erm.. PARTY~! (Actually they thought it was Yee’s birthday that night.. lol.. Sorry Keat.. I didn’t made up the story k.. lol)

All of us had fun and sang songs until late midnight. By the time I went home its already around 3 something in the morning. The next day was really a disaster as I was so sleepy and tired and I was transfered to the technical department to replace the person who was on leave due to.. Chicken Pox.. damn chicken pox… zzz

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