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erm… some recap here.. last fri.. went back from skudai to kl.. went to matta fair… look for the tickets rate for my baby to go back swiss next time… but then it seems much expensive than booking online… n then.. after that drive back from kl to teluk intan.. reached ti around 10pm… n so… eat eat n sleep lo that nite..

saturday… woke up around 12pm.. haha.. i guess i’m really tired after the journey… so after lunch.. watched some tv shows… n then went out to change my car engine oil… n the gear oil as well… duno how much it cost anyway.. cos i ask the mechanic to write down the cost n then claim from my father.. haha.. duno my father know about it or not… wana save my money ma… n then ar.. ntg much.. bought rojak to eat… hmm.. ti rojak not so nice d…. last time that ah chai rojak when the old boss do 1 very nice 1 ler…. at nite.. went out kia kia wit gf…. yumcha..

then today.. eat breakfast with gf this morning… n then start journey at 12pm sharp i guess… all the way drive back to skudai.. stop twice i think… reached here around 5.30pm.. quite fast ler.. mayb i din stop long… tat’s y my sub woofer stop bumping cos the amp too hot.. haha… keep pumping the sound system all the way from ti to skudai.. the amp sure canot stand it la.. so hot when i touch it….

n now.. i’m sitting here… duno wat to do.. got assignments need to pass up by weds i guess… will do it later la.. now quite tiring n bored.. gona sleep early tonite…. but then.. its mooncake festival ler today~! happy mooncake festival to everyone~ no chance to bbq with coursemates last nite… i guess they guys must hav been walking around the whole neighborhood with tanglung late nite.. haha..

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