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Back AfteR All…

i’m finally back to skudai again.. went back hometown last sunday nite… reached teluk intan around 5am in the morning… tiring.. n then last nite i reached back here around 3.30am.. traveling by bus really tiring sometimes~ 🙂

well.. there’s ntg in my hometown.. except this year the merdeka celebration for the whole perak is celebrated here~!~ first time though… took some photos at the merdeka eve.. blurry photos i can say.. haha..

so that’s the infamous clock tower in my hometown… the pisa tower? haha..
so there’s a big stage going on that nite.. never seen such an event in a small town here before.. so the crowds are really pack tat nite.. the menteri besar came for some speech b4 the countdown… blabla… heating up the patriotic spirit in everyone.. haha

some fireworks of cause… but not very nice la.. dun expect too much k…

The cute TNB building.. and some gomen building.. tat’s all here… there’s more blurry photos in my multiply..

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