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Back In Hometown~

Finally I’m back to my hometown after almost 3 months not back to Teluk Intan before. I went to my sister’s place in KL on Tuesday night, reached around 10.30pm. Then went out for movie with my friend in 1U. I was expecting to watch MI3 premiere but there’s wasn’t any premiere that night. Then I thought of watching Ultraviolet, but my friend insisted watching Reincarnation, the Japanese ghost story, which is quite boring actually. The whole theatre was only 7 people watching including 3 of us. Spooky huh? lol..

On Weds I did nothing but watching tv with my sis at her house. Thomas Cup… Malaysia vs Korea. Malaysia won by 3-2 and entered the semifinals to play against Denmark. I wonder will Malaysia win that match.. haha.. Then my sis and I went to eat dinner and did something really funny. I ordered a fried rice while my sister ordered a roti telur. She still felt a bit hungry and we ordered a roti tissue after that. And guess what.. This is what we got after that..
The waiter brought a roti tissue which is more than 1 meter tall and put on our table. And then he spread the plates and lie the roti down. Both of us are really shocked and felt embarrassed with all the people watching us. Stupid roti tissue!.. hahaha.. The biggest roti tissue I ever had in my life. By the way, the restaurant is Kayu in Tesco. Cost us RM4 for this giant roti tissue.. We ate half of it and brought the other half back home for my brother in law to c it. Why on earth they need to make something so big anyway??

Now I’m back here waiting for Sunday to travel to KL again to my sister’s house. My training starts on next Monday. Gonna be real bored at home now…

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