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Its been a few days after I came back from Cameron Highlands. Been quarreling with my gf day after day. Today woke up at 6something, was suppose to fetch my dad to Ipoh hospital for the dental operation. Just when my parents and I were having breakfast in TI, the doctor from the Ipoh hospital called my dad about cancelling the appointment. My dad was so relieved after answering that phone. I think he’s really worried about the operation.

Well, my mood is like rollercoaster going up and down these few days. I’ll just post some photos taken in Cameron Highlands here instead. There are more photos but its all in my gf’s camera. Don’t know when I can get it and upload them here.

The park at Tanah Rata..

Tanah Rata town area..

Gf’s grandma house… in Tanah Rata..

Took a lot of photos in butterfly park.. hope I’ll post it here soon.. nites~

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