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Bukit Tabur~

One early morning of the Labor Day holiday, when most of the working class were still sleeping enjoying their holiday…

There were 9 of us that went for hiking at Bukit Tabur in Setapak area. It was 6.30 in the morning, while all of us packed up with torch lights and drinking water, we started our “journey”. About 45 minutes later, we reached the first part of the hill, where there is a view which you don’t really get to see in the city. Enjoy the rest of the photos..

Group photo with others who went hiking on the same day as well.

It was quite an experience for me. And it was kinda scary as well. We manage to climb all the way up without any safety gear. One wrong step you may ended up slipping down the rocky hills. Mind you that it was 300m above sea level.

See how dangerous it is?

It was really exhausting. Considering that I never worked out at all lately. See how exhausted I looked.

Yet, this sign is really funny. 回头是岸.. Please turn back now or you’ll regret!~

This is the last part before we headed down the hill. It took us more than 4 hours to climb from 1 end and come back down from the other end. Extremely exhausting@!~

But, it was fun! 🙂

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