Car Battery~

After almost 2 weeks of no starting my car, the car won’t start when I tried to start it after coming back from Teluk Intan. I was so worried about it since I need the car to go to classes. So I asked my coursemate to fetch me to class today. After class, Hanwei came fetch me and we went to search for new battery. Actually the old battery can recharge and reuse but I chose to get a new one. The battery has been used for more than 4 years already and its better to change it. So this is what I got after searching for it.


Costed me RM160 for this. Those maintainance free battery is in the same price range but I chose this because its bigger in size compared to the maintainance free ones. It will cost me RM200+ if I buy those bigger size and maintainance free ones.. crazy.. Hopefully I won’t get any problems again… Broke.. haha..

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