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    Strange Google Ads~

    Have you ever seen some strange Google Ads appeared in your blog? I’ve just seen one that is quite pointless because you have to type in which type of ads you would like to see. Don’t get me? See this.…

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    Adsense Referrals Beta~

    Adsense is launching a new referral program called Adsense Referrals which is still under beta. The program is basically based on CPA (Cost Per Action) clicks which is totally different from normal CPC (Cost Per Click) ads. How CPA Works?…

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    My First Google Adsense Check~

    As I was congratulating Cely for her first Google Adsense Check on her blog, my housemate came into my room and handed me a letter from New York. Yippie! It’s my first Google Adsense Check! Finally, it arrived after waiting…

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    Google Adsense Mail~

    After waiting for almost 1 month, Google Adsense mail finally arrived. It is not my paycheck though but its just a mail containing a pin code. Once adsense users reached $50 balance for the first time, Google will send the…