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    Silence PT2 Electric Car~

    This is the new three-wheeled Silence PT2 electric car. The car certainly has a flair for the dramatic, as its metallic paint, vivid interior, and overall dashing good looks make it a sight for sore eyes in the fully electric…

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    2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R~

    I just found out about the new 2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Its a concept car so we don’t know whether it will be put into production or not. But still, the design are quite “eye-catching” comparing to the previous models.…

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    Car Maintainance~

    Damn there are so many problems with my car lately. First its the battery, then I refill the air conditioner gas, now what? My car tire.. I was driving that day and suddenly I’m like sitting on a horse because…

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    Car Battery~

    After almost 2 weeks of no starting my car, the car won’t start when I tried to start it after coming back from Teluk Intan. I was so worried about it since I need the car to go to classes.…

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    Japan GT Malaysia~

    My friends and I went to Sepang Track for the Japan GT Malaysia last Saturday and Sunday. Don’t want to waste lots of money for the event, we only bought the RM30 tickets which we can only watch the race…

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    KL Motorshow~

    I went to the KL Motorshow held at PWTC last Monday. I’m lucky that I just need to pay RM5 instead of RM15 because I had my student card with me. Took the lrt to PWTC right after work.. damn…