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    The End of 24 Season 5~

    Its the end for 24 season 5~! I just watched the finale last night as I have to download it slowly.. lol.. The finale is mainly about the whole day’s terrorism doings was done by the President Logan. Damn~ Can…

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    Movie Marathon~

    Went to the Tebrau City Jusco for movies this afternoon. Its the biggest Jusco in whole Malaysia I think. The photo above is really funny. Why? Because my friends called me devil and the poster of the new movie titled…

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    24 Season 5~

    24, the most awaited tv series is finally back. Now with season 5!!! I’m so excited for this series as this is the most anticipated tv series of all time. I’ve been following this tv series since the 1st season.…

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    I’m Sorry, I Love You~

    This is the Korean series i’ve been watching the whole day yesterday.. when i’m at home.. my sis bought 3 series in Beijing, 1 is this 1.. I’m sorry, I love you, then is Full House, and another is Hotel…