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    Pacman on Google Homepage~

    Have you opened the Google homepage today? Any difference? The Google logo had changed to Pacman game!! In conjunction of Pacman’s 30th anniversary, Google had changed the homepage logo into a playable Pacman game. The game is just as addictive…

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    The State of the Internet~

    As the Internet is evolving, we might wonder how many of us out there actually uses the Internet. Here’s a interesting survey compiled in graphic format for your infotainment though. 🙂 Have fun reading it.

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    Google Sync: Now With Push Gmail Support~

    Ever wished that you can have the Push Email feature on your mobile phone for your Gmail account? Now you have it! Google just announced their new feature via Google Sync – Push email support. Using Google Sync, you can…

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    HP Easy-to-use SimpleSave Back-up Solution~

    Ever wish that you have backed up all your data in your PC or laptop when your hard drive crashed? Well,  HP today announced the HP SimpleSave external hard drive series for dummies customers needing simple and automatic backup for…

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    Microsoft Named new software as Vagina~

    This news is spread all over the world but most of the Malaysians and Singaporeans are just laughing out loud and getting confused of it. Microsoft just announced a new software analyser that is called “Cibai“. Cibai: An abstract interpretation-based…

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    Blog & Win! Tech.Ed 2008~

    Microsoft Tech.Ed South East Asia Conference is back again this year on the 11 – 14 August 2008. In conjunction with this event, a monthly blog & win contest which is just for bloggers is held. The first 100 bloggers…