Chelsea Vs Arsenal~

I just finish watching the match and its already 2am. Chelsea was unbeatable with Robben and Joe Cole scores a goal each and won over Arsenal with the score of 2-0. Chelsea did a marvelous job on defending in the whole game. Van Persie of Arsenal did score a goal in the 1st half but unfortunately Thierry Henry was offside at that moment. The goal should be counted as the scorer was not offside at all~! Its the referee’s call so there’s nothing can be done. Its a must win game for Arsenal for challenging the championship but now its goodbye before Christmas for them. I doubt that they can enter the Champions League next year… Its been a bad season for them after all.. Chelsea is now 20points ahead of Arsenal and is in the lead of the season. The only team that can compete with them is Manchester United trailing with a few points.

Another game before this was between Tottenham Hotspurs and Middlesbrough. Its a 3-3 tie game with 6 skillful shots~ James Morrison was injured at the near end of the game. I’m really shocked of what happened because he collapsed just after a free kick. None of the cameras caught what happened but its really shocking that he just lying there unconsious.. Really have to be extra careful in sports…

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