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Chelsea.. What a game!

lampardChelsea vs Bolton.. what a game! went for supper around 1am.. n saw the replay of the match.. watched the most exciting 20mins of the game.. where chelsea scored 5 goals in a row! they are really unbeatable! Drogba and Lampard scored 2 goals both while Gudjohnsen scored 1.. duno how they fired up the spirit although they were behind by 1 goal before that..

But Mourinho’s gamble to play with just three defenders at the back paid dividends in the 52nd minute when Didier Drogba fired the ball home after Bolton goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen had failed to hold Frank Lampard’s 20-yard free-kick.

there’s something about Mourinho.. he’s a great manager.. using only great players with great skills… with him n the great players around.. i think we’ll have to wait quite a long time b4 we saw the headlines saying that some other team beat chelsea~.. 😛

its 6am already.. was studying about digital system.. 1010101010.. my head spining already.. n then as i was trying to publish this post.. guess what.. that fella unplugged the modem connection from the switch n connect it directly to his pc LAN cable.. wtf… now that’s y i always c him waking up so early playing his GuildWar online.. he purposely wake up at 6am just to play it??!! i duno what’s on his mind actually.. haven’t seen him going to class for ages already.. I really doubt him graduating on time.. i think i’ll c him at my grad day.. graduating at the same time.. :P.. nah.. y am i bothering other ppl’s business anyway.. sleep better… will publish this in the morning later.. nites…

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