Clicky Web Statistics~

clickyClicky is a new and unique web statistic service specially designed focusing on blogs. It monitors the traffic, details on visitors informations, sessions and what visitors click on on your website.

Upon registered as a user, you will get a javascript code to put into the pages that you want to track in your website. After that, just get into your clicky webpage and see the summary of all the trackings roll~! The summary is very detailed and it looks like this:


As you can see the tables shows a summary of how many visitors visits your site, how long they stayed at the site and what did they click on it. The details of these statistics are shown in single pages for more detailed informations. They even track what browsers and operating system the visitors used to open your site. (The details in the table above are all “0”s because I just registered my site… 🙂 ) All the services are currently free as Clicky is under still under beta. They are planning on charging a very reasonable fee after they launch.

In my opinion, Clicky provides a very good statistic for a website. You should really look into it since the services are still free to test it out. You can register your website at Clicky Web Statistics.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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