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CNY 2006~

Back to skudai finally. I assume there’ll be traffic jam all the way back today but surprisingly there ain’t any. Traffic was smooth like usual. Let’s talk about new year at my hometown then. Nothing much can be done at a small town like my hometown. On the eve of Chinese New Year, my friends and I hanged out at the most happening place at my hometown, Exclamation Pub.

The decorations there quite nice. At least there’s some New Year atmosphere around here.

My friends, Yuan, Weeliam, Kim and Hong.

Min, Keat and Billy

Jie and me. Went there for beers and chit chatting. If count properly, I went there everynite until day 3 of CNY.. lol.. really boring at my hometown, that’s why we just hangout at this place. Lots of chicks to look at to pass our time there.. haha

On the day 2 of CNY, my family and I went to my grandma’s place, Bidor. Remember those famous ‘Kai Chai Peang’? That’s the place where those biscuits is produced. We went there to have our annual lunch with our relatives there.

This is my newly born cousin brother. So cute and chubby! His face is like 2 buns on the chick and you really can’t stop ‘cubit’ his chubby face.. haha~!

That’s his brother. He even know how to post when I want to take photo of them both haha!

A photo of my relatives chit chating at my grandma’s house. Its a shop selling all sorts of plastic things since my grandpa owns a plastic factory. This is really an old building.

On day 3 of CNY I went to Cameron Highlands to visit my gf and her family there. Her relative had a Pro camera.. I think its the Canon EOS series. So everyone end up taking portrait photos there. I dun have the digital copies so I guess I’ll post it next time in my galleries once I get it.

Other than that, just some normal days at my hometown. My grandpa admitted to the hospital on last thursday. He was still fine yesterday but when I’m on my journey back to skudai today, my sis told me that his situation become worse already. Doctor told my parents to prepare for the worse. Just hope that he’ll manage to pass through tonight. God bless my grandpa~

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