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Comic Fiesta 2008~


It was last weekend when I went for the Comic Fiesta 2008 which was held in Sunway Pyramid convention centre. Being a first timer for attending such events, I was thrilled to found out that there are actually a lot of hardcore comic fans in this country  😆 ! My friend had a booth there so I just went there to check out how these events are. It did opened up my eyes though.

First, there were so many cute little anime characters models (or do you call it miniature?) which are really cute!


Yet, my friend said that this one looks like me.. hmmm..  😯



Erm.. I have no idea what this one below really means though..  🙄 I guess it’s up to your own imagination  :mrgreen:


And of course, what would the event be like if there are no cosplay models around? It will be super bored for sure! Well, we managed to take photos with some of the models on that day. It’s amazing how they really dressed up to be like the anime characters.


Look at her face.. she was really tired holding that magic staff for really long time because a lot of people was taking her photo.


This one obviously not the gals from Celcom booth behind me k..


Go go Sailormoon?!



Ah.. the characters from the movie Death Note~



These two fellas really scary though…


Well, that concludes all the photos I took on that day. Did you went for the event? I would like to see the your photos as well..  😛

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  • Sarah

    I’ve never been to a comic convention, it seems very curious and fascinating. So thanks for sharing your experience!

    Those miniature figures/figurines—are those like collectors items? Like do their prices jack up after a certain amount of time has passed or are they just cute things to collect?

    Looks like you had so much fun! Cheers to you! More power too!!! 🙂

  • Tvents

    I like seeing animation cartoons which are usually created based on comics. My favorite animation film is Barby. However, all pictures in this posting are also nice to me.

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