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haha.. funny things happened just now… as i was studying downstairs… there’s a cat trying to squeeze through the door to come inside the house.. quite strange cos it din even bother bout me sitting there studying.. so i rush it out again.. still thinking how strange it is… n then.. bin came down.. both of us heard some noise from the store room… its small kitten making sound from there! n then.. all of us hav to move all the boxes in the store room.. n keep searching for where the sound came from… cos its from the inside of the storeroom…. huh… stuffy inside…

finally.. found 3 little kittens inside the store!! cutie.. haha… for all this time no 1 ever notice about it.. how could that cat come into our storeroom n hav 3 kittens in it… huah… funny huh.. n so.. we decided to put the kittens inside a box n put it outside the house.. for the mother cat to find them then…. duwan those kittens in our house anymore… not good anyway…

my advise.. dun open ur glass door so often as many animals will come in the house.. really duno when will we find some snake inside the storeroom also.. scary man..

okok.. back to study liao..

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  • Anonymous

    you should have kept kittens inside..
    and give them food and milk.

    I wonder if somone abandoned them?

    Im worried about them

    are they ok?

    I saw your site from studiotraffic.

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