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Its been a few days after the last post.. Well the presentation just not that well. The manager kept on asking me some questions on the slides I prepared. I think I missed out some terms that I don’t really understand on that makes me can’t answer the question he asked. Sigh.. But he just asked me to get the answers then mail the entire copy of the presentation to the whole team.

On Thursday, there’s a sales manager from OMRON came over to my company for a Demo on RFID products. Actually can’t really say its a Demo because mainly he was just explaining what is RFID which is quite similar to what I’ve presentated the day before. But his was more interesting than mine of cause.. lol. Luckily my friend loon had 4 days off so yuan, him and I went to watch movie after dinner. MI3… Quite late for me to watch it but there’s no one to accompany me to watch it. Quite exciting movie I say..
This is a pet we saw at the pet shop at the lower ground floor at 1U. Damn cute and I can’t stop laughing at it after looking. Reached home around 11pm that day. Working life really boring.. Everyday around 12am sleep, then work, then back home then pass some time then sleep again n get ready for work.. omg..
This is my working desk.. with my own pc.. I think I’m quite lucky already since not many friends got internet access during practical training.

Friday is really boring. I spent whole day sitting at office don’t have anything to do with. My supervisor asked me to search for the specifications for the RFID hardware from OMRON since I don’t have the hardware to test on. They want me to do an analysis on the hardware but after I asked how to test on the hardware, my supervisor said that they don’t have the equipment to test on. So now what I have to do is search for the specification on few types of hardware from OMRON and make a comparison among them. Damn it.. paperworks again.. Sigh!!!

Friday nite was really long that day. My friend yuan picked me up at the kelana jaya lrt center to his house since Loon was there whole day. 3 of us went to Sunday Pyramid for dinner at Genki Sushi. We ate so much and ended up with a bill of RM80 for just 3 person. Damn expensive.. haha.. Then we go all the way to Sri Petaling because Yuan want to fetch his gf. After that we went for a drink at some mamak stall to pass some time because we bought tickets for The Da Vinci Code at 1.10am. The movie is a bit boring at the start but getting more and more interesting after that. Overally its a good movie.. but not as fast pace as MI3… need to understand the movie or else you don’t know what the hell its talking about.. haha.. I went back home around 4.30am… Damn tiring man… whole day didn’t even had a bath..

Yesterday my JB housemate who live in Kepong asked me to go Lowyat Plaza with him. He want to buy a harddisk there. Damn, he bought a 250GB harddisk at the same price as my 200GB harddisk. RM295… sigh… Should’ve buy it later? nah… By next month the price will drop again also… After walking around there, we decided to watch a movie at TimeSquare. OMG.. I’ve been watching movie 3 days straight! I can memorize those advertisement in GSC already lol.. The movie? Over the Hedge.. 2 “ma lat lou” went there to watch cartoon.. damn gay.. haha.. Actually we want to watch Poseidon but its full.. So ended up watching cartoon and had some laugh from it.

Today… no more outings but just sitting at home playing some PC games I bought from Lowyat yesterday. Tomorrow working again.. Argh.. boring.. No wonder people always said they wish they can go back to school again.. haha

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