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Yesterday my friends and I went into the campus for basketball in the evening. When we reached there, we saw whole bunch of people beside the lake. We thought there’s some competition going on, we went near and saw fire engines, police and ambulance at the scene. Someone drown into the lake~ From what I heard, the man was playing remote control boats with some friends by the lake. His boat collapsed so he jumped into the lake to collect it but unfortunately he was drown in it. Sad case…

Rumors said that he was drown around 3 something in the afternoon but the fire department reached around 4pm. The kayak team of UTM was making a search in the lake before the fire department reached but it was effortless. By the time the scuba team arrived, it was 4.30pm. Sarcastically, the UTM guards and the firemen did nothing but just standing beside the lake chitchating and smoking when they arrived and waiting for the kayak team to make some effort. Damn it. The scuba team came from JB which is around half an hour journey to UTM so I think its acceptable. By 7pm, my friends and I finished playing basketball and went near the lake to see whether they found the body. Finally we saw the body was wrapped in plastic bag and being pushed into the car. Its really kind of sad to see the relatives of the victim crying loud for the victim.

Yesterday morning, Keat told me a guy fell from the 18th floor in Melaka, a new appartment or hostel near where he stayed. The guy was trying to get into his room by climbing through the balcony because he lost his keys. He accidentally fell down from there and was dead at the scene. Haiz… To all of the victims, Rest In Peace..

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